Heather Hensell, Ed.D. – Provost

Dr. Hensell serves as the Provost for Remington College. She taught both online and face-to-face for 12 years prior to joining Remington College in August of 2017. Heather earned her doctorate in higher education leadership from Gwynedd Mercy University and has a master’s degree in philosophy from the University of North Texas, a master’s degree in family studies from Texas Woman’s University, and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and psychology from the University of North Texas. When she’s not cheering on the students at Remington College, Heather enjoys reading and instant film photography. She’s currently working on her first creative non-fiction short story and hopes to begin a Master of Fine Arts program in creative non-fiction in 2022.

Jon Daniels – Director of Campus Administration of Remington College Online and Knoxville

Jonathon Daniels is an U.S. Army Veteran – served in Operation Iraqi Freedom I, II and III. He is a two time Army Commendation Medal Recipient. Jon is married and the father of five children. He has worked in higher education for 16 years. Originally from Southern Illinois, an avid sports fan, Jon played college baseball and was scouted by Red Sox, Cardinals, Cubs and Braves.

Elena Mate

Experienced Director of Career Services with a demonstrated history of working in the education and hiring process management within industry. Skilled in Sales, Retail, Account Management, Leadership, and Customer Experience. Strong community and social services professional who seeks to help create and form meaningful relationships with a goal of bringing a stronger, enjoyable, and more efficient workforce to the future!

Shannon Williamson

Born and raised in Rock Hill SC. ESPN has dubbed Rock Hill as Football city due to all the NFL draftees from my great city. I currently live in Gonzales, LA. I am the mother of 4 sons (O’Darius, Aunterius, Dionte, and Adejimi) and grandmother to an adorable, yet spoiled, granddaughter.

Education wise, I hold an Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Engineering Graphics Technology (AutoCAD) and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Project Management. I worked for companies such as Celanese Acetate (Rock Hill, SC), Celanese Emulsions (Enoree, SC), Solvay Advanced Polymers (Alpharetta, GA), Wacker Polysilicon (Charleston, TN), Wacker Chemical Company (HDK-division; Charleston, TN), and Wanhua Chemicals (Houston, TX).

I started my chemical career with Celanese Acetate (currently Celanese Chemicals) in 1991 and left when the plant closed in 2005. After spending years perfecting my skills and abilities as a chemical operator in the Acid Recovery/Anhydride Manufacturing Dept (continuous chemical process) to manufacture to Cellulose Acetate manufacturing. After 5 years as an operator, I became a Development Coordinator. In that position, I trained all new operators in the process operations of the department. They were taught applicable SHEs (PSM), process safety, safe and efficient process operations, critical process procedures, field and control room process operations, and more. When needed, I worked as a supervisor and had my hand in a few department projects When operations ceased, I continued on to ensure safe decommissioning of process equipment and hazardous chemical removal from the facility. This facility is where I operated 80% of the equipment students are learning in Remington’s Process Technology program.

After Celanse, I worked in Research and Development at Solvay Advance Polymers. Where I had input in there KetaSpire polymer process. From there, I returned to Celanese to work with a High Pressure, High Temperature Polyvinyl Ethylene Acetate Operator. This batch process taught me the importance of knowing how chemicals react to each other and why understanding the chemistry of the process I work in is important. I directly worked with well over 200 different types of chemicals and I had to know how each react.

After Celanese Emulsions, I worked for Wacker Polysilicon in 2011. There, I worked on my second project. Wacker Polysilicon (worlds largest producer of Polysilicon) built a multibillion dollar green facility in Charleston, TN and I was the one of the first 53 employees hired and the only female in operations (productions) for 3 years. After spending 6 months on the job training in Burghausen, Germany, I spent 18 months working with project engineers building the facility. This is where I learned the ins and outs of planning, designing, constructing, and commissioning a chemical plant. Once I transitioned from project to plant commissioning to full operations of one of five departments on the site. I was the only female operations supervisor on the site and continued to be the only female operations supervisor when transferred to Wacker Chemical Division in 2018 to commission and supervise the HDK plant in Charleston, TN. Again, I trained overseas in Nunchitz Germany and Burghausen, Germany for several months. In 2019, before leaving Wacker for Wanhua Chemicals, I lead the commissioning of utilities for HDK plant as well as trained operators.

As for teaching, I joined Remington College in the midst of COVID-19. I teach students what they need to know as an operator and the importance of understanding they must respect and adhere to procedure, process, and company policies. I teach them from three perspectives, operator, supervisor, and manager. I am letting them know I care about their future because if this 5’2’ can do it, they can do it.

Jeremy Butler

Jeremy Butler was a Process Technology student who graduated with a 3.43 GPA. He had previously attended another school and decided he did not like it. When he enrolled with us, he constantly spoke about how impressed he was with the classroom and lab activities. He was dedicated to being successful in all his classes. He coordinated study groups for students that were struggling.

Jeremy was chosen because he had a determination when he started and he never lost it. Upon graduation, Jeremy landed a job in his field. Since then, he has received multiple offers for other jobs. Jeremy is the epitome of “student of the year.”

Commencement Speaker

Kendra Davis – Director of Campus Administration

For over eighteen years, Kendra Davis has been an integral part of the success of Remington College-Baton Rouge. Kendra believes that through collaborative efficiency and dedication, students at Remington College can compete on a global level with integrity and professionalism.

Kendra has worked at various levels of higher education with the purpose of assisting non-traditional students manifest their dream of attaining a college degree. From her early days as a Financial Aid counselor at Remington College to the current Director of Campus Administration, Kendra has worked hard to help students excel in class and in life.

Kendra earned her B.S. degree in Accounting from Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge and also has earned her Masters of Business Administration from University of Phoenix.

Kendra believes hard work and sacrifice are keys to success and she has invested herself fully in the mission of Remington College. She welcomes the opportunity to talk with anyone about Remington College and discuss the programs that can change lives and communities.

Presentation of Graduates

It is time to recognize the hard work of our graduates and wish them well in their future endeavors.

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