Our Graduates are Stepping up to the Plate, Ready to Protect and Serve Their Community.

What better way to give back to your community than to answer the call to public service. Our Criminal Justice graduates have been working tirelessly to seek employment as corrections officers, security guards, or loss prevention coordinators. Our Criminal Justice program has allowed them to gain a real-world understanding of criminal behavior and the criminal justice system.

Graduates of our Criminal Justice programs at Remington College study topics such as research methods, data resources, forensic psychology, restorative justice, and vice, narcotics, and crime intelligence. With increased scrutiny on policing in today’s environment, our graduates are focused on representing the community they protect in a way that makes us proud.

The faculty and staff of Remington College would like to congratulate all of our graduates who have completed our Criminal Justice programs, we feel safe knowing that you are ready to answer the call.

Presenting our 2020 Graduating Class of Remington College, Greenspoint (North Houston) (Legal Programs)