Knoxville, TN (Remington College Online)

Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

Being able to attend an online class with a one-on-one experience. The educators involvement within my studies allowed me to receive, retain and progress to the next level. To the end of my degree “I felt Accomplished “ from the start.

Source of Inspiration

My inspirational outlook comes from a place deep within. I’m inspired to be informative, innovative and open to give. Being a servant to those in need is what inspires me.

Advice for Future Graduates

Have a mindset of “I can” to the finish. Put forth your best efforts. Be respectful and responsible for what it takes to expeditiously move you through to the next level. It’s not always a Great Day but I promise if you get to the end you will feel the Excitement of a New Day! Keep pushing!!

Plans After Graduation

My plan was to secure a job within system access (medical). I not only received my degree but I am now the Supervisor of Systems Access for VUMC Hospital. I am returning to RMC to pursue my next degree. If you’re going to be a CEO one day (I plan to) you need the next level. Remington can most definitely get me there.

Thank you to…

I would like to thank my instructors.. My study-buddies and the Admin staff all were instrumental in my success. I appreciate everyone.