Greenspoint, TX (North Houston)

Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

My favorite educational experience was my instructors allowing me to stay a tad bit later to finish up work as well as all of the different resources on campus.

Source of Inspiration

My source of inspiration is my momma, because she always makes things look so easy and she never gives up. I know that life is not easy so to be strong enough to make it seem like it is takes a strong woman .. like my mama. I love you mama!!!

Advice for Future Graduates

My advice for future graduates is to stay focused and driven on their goals… in other words… Stay down for the come up.

Plans After Graduation

My plan after graduation is to save up for my own shop one day, and hope to put others in the good positions I was able to be in.

Thank you to…

I would like to thank my mama for keeping me going & the small talks of encouragement , my teachers (Ms. Diggles & Ms. Edwards), for not giving up on me even when I know I can be a handful & lastly my boyfriend for seeing positive in my situation when all I could see was the negatives.