Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

The love and support I got from everyone was amazing. The teachers were outstanding in my opinion they were unique in their own ways but I respect everything that was taught to me.

Advice for Future Graduates

Please don’t get distracted, it’s gonna be challenging. But that’s just getting you prepared for life in general. Just because you lived that life doesn’t mean you can’t get your life together you signed up for a reason take advantage of everyone there. It’s genuine people around you never know how much of a impact networking will do for you.

Plans After Graduation

Well I’m working on buying land and eventually furthering my education I want to expand and learn more I wanna be a contractor eventually.

Thank you to…

Mr Strickland for being a father figure to me even outside of school he helped me mentally without even knowing it was times where I was gonna give up and shut down but he talked me through a lot. I highly respect him and have mad love for his attitude. Mr lyions excuse me if I spelled it wrong my apologies but he was so smooth and his approach to teaching was head on and he always said let’s go and we was touching and doing things that helped me a lot cause I get bored fast so seeing tools and Evaporators condensers Mother’s boards was like heaven. Mr jack was very energetic with his teaching and made it fun and he is very straight to the point he spends 5 min on a problem and 55 min on a solution witch means we gonna do it the right way and not overwhelm yourself.