Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

My favorite part about my education experience at Remington was meeting a lot of different people with different perspectives.

Source of Inspiration

My source of Inspiration would be our professors, they worked very hard to build our confidence to make sure we got the most out of this program.

Advice for Future Graduates

My advice for future graduates would be to stay positive even when it gets rough, your mindset is the most important thing when attending Remington.

Plans After Graduation

My plans after graduation is to become an HVAC Technician that separates me from any other one, I want to gain recognition from employers that’s unheard of.

Thank you to…

I would love to thank Mr. O and Mr. Smith at the Ft Worth campus which was where I first started. People I would love to thank at the Dallas campus would be Christi Koehler, Mr. Nathan, Mr. Houston, Mr. Joshua, and Ebonee Hamilton.