North Houston (Greenspoint, TX)

Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

The anticipation of succeeding kept me motivated and excited to obtain something that will better my future. The discussion groups let me know that I wasn’t in this alone; we achieved our goal together.

Source of Inspiration

I desire to be a patient advocate after watching my grandmother go through situations in the hospital that went without explanation or resolve.

Advice for Future Graduates

I went through a horrible bout with Pneumonia and my professor worked with me to complete and catch up on all my assignments to succeed. These professors do care (Chandra Johnson) and I’m glad she pushed me to do all that I could to accomplish my goal. Stay in the process. It’s worth it.

Plans After Graduation

Pursue my passion of patient advocacy.

Thank you to…

My family for believing in me and the Creator for giving me the patience and strength to commit to the greatness within me.