Mobile, AL

Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

The staff was so patient with me. I came back after raising my kids. I knew nothing of computers or online classes. They were wonderful.

Source of Inspiration

My kids and my husband. I want my kids to know it’s never too late to go after your dream. My husband for working hard so I could focus on school and never letting me quit..

Advice for Future Graduates

It’s never too late!!

Plans After Graduation

Continue my education until there is nothing left to learn!

Thank you to…

God for giving me courage, my husband for his support. My mom for answering my questions. My gran and paw for cooking and taking the kids where they needed to be. My boys for helping me never give up in life. My brothers for having my back always. My sisters for keeping my feet on the ground. My nieces and nephew for always bringing me joy. My daddy for saying “I would never make it” ( because he knows I love nothing more than proving him wrong) thanks daddy for making me strong and always pushing me to be better. Donna for encouraging me every step and loving me. Last not least for sure, my daddy David. I know your not here anymore, thank you for believing in me always. Y’all will never know how much I appreciate you!