Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

I was at a point in my life trying to find who I was and the whole staff from registering and actually entering in extrenship they all had a part in my school life and they became a family I actually loved coming to school.

Source of Inspiration

My mother who passed two years ago was always my motivation but I love you and I’m coming for number 2 in August.

Advice for Future Graduates

Don’t give up, seriously ask for help if needed they won’t judge they will push you YOU JUST NEED THE EFFORT BEHIND YOU AND IN YOU KEEP GOING

Plans After Graduation

Get a job as a X-ray tech

Thank you to…

Everrryyybody from Mrs. sharp to Dr. Ratio to I can’t spell his name to Miss Daniels they all are part of who I am as a medical assistant.