Shreveport, LA

Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

The teachers were amazing and the hands-on courses was my favorite experience to get up close and personal with all the equipment.

Source of Inspiration

My source of inspiration is Mrs. Boykins and my boyfriend Kero because when some things wouldn’t go my way or I didn’t understand those 2 were my sources to go to, and it helped me to move forward and realize 3 brains are better than 1.

Advice for Future Graduates

Never Give Up! You might hit that brick wall but I promise you it’s going to get better once you start breaking it down and you see that light on the other side. And please complete your work because if you don’t it causes big consequences take it from me.

Plans After Graduation

Go into my field of career and just enjoy the life journey the Lord has for me.

Thank you to…

Mrs. Boykins I love to thank the most because when I didn’t want to move forward she never gave up on me and I thank her so very much. My momma and daddy and Darius and also I can’t forget my boyfriend Kero if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t continue my journey of moving forward and going into my future. Also this should’ve been the first to say but Keep God Beside You He Is A Great Co-Pilot, my Daddy taught me that.