Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

Well, My favorite part of the program was the conversations that I had with my professors. Not only the conversations; we also participated in fundamental activities that most of our professors set up for educational purposes.

Source of Inspiration

“If you put your mind to it.. You can do anything in life.”

Advice for Future Graduates

Stay focused. Observe. Analyze. Learn well. Stay prepared!

Plans After Graduation

My plans are gathering all of my materials I need to forge my career. Meaning that; by forging my career I have to gather all of the missing pieces then forge it together. Once completely forged. I am able to look around the Law enforcement for better opportunities.

Thank you to…

I would love to thank all of my professors, guidance counselors and many more. For giving me the opportunity to continue my education and teaching me the best way you can.