Knoxville, TN (Remington College Online)

Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

My favorite part of the Remington educational experience was being able to achieve my degree for higher education. I also enjoyed the fact that I need to continue on with a legacy in the healthcare industry just as several of my family members have done over the years.

Source of Inspiration

My husband and my family.

Advice for Future Graduates

My advice for graduates in the future is that they push hard to achieve their goals and dreams. The journey to that end goal may not always be easy, but the end result is very well worth the journey.

Plans After Graduation

My plans after graduation are to continue in the healthcare industry, and hopefully advance my education to obtain my nursing degree.

Thank you to…

I would like to thank my family for their continued support throughout my educational journey, as well as the staff at Remington College for helping myself and the other students to achieve their dreams of a higher education.