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Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

Learning from the best teachers that has taught me everything I needed to know to start my career.

Source of Inspiration

My daughter is my inspiration because everything I do is for her and for my daughter to have the absolute best life she can possible.

Advice for Future Graduates

To study as hard as you possibly can, really focus on what the instructor teaches you and if you don’t understand something, they are there to help you and show you a different way for you to understand it better.

Plans After Graduation

I am going to college of the mainland to further my education and getting my BSN.

Thank you to…

I’d like to thank Dr. R because he has been my mentor through this experience and has helped me with every obstacle. I also want to thank my daughter for giving me more of a reason to want to succeed no matter what situation life throws at you. I want to thank my mom for all of her support and believing that I can do it. I want to thank my boyfriend Raymond for long nights of studying all hours of the night so I would pass every test.