Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

The instructors and the motivation that they provided me to get through and pass my GED to completion of my Associate Degree.

Source of Inspiration

My son! I also wanted a better life for my family. My mother and father passed away in 2020 and I dedicate this degree and hard work to them both.

Advice for Future Graduates

Listen to your instructors, strive to always be on time and prompt with your work, and DO NOT GIVE UP!

Plans After Graduation

I am seeking to start education for my bachelor’s degree in social work or go for RN school.

Thank you to…

My husband-Detrek
Dr.Ahmadi and Dr. Molnar
Dr. Jessica Ludley
Mrs. Price
All of these instructors provided encouragement, positivity,and goals for me to Excell and succeed while in school!