Knoxville, TN (Remington College Online)

Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

The best moments I’ve experienced at Remington College was when I got accepted for the program. I was more than excited! As soon as the program started on February 28, 2021, I was anxious only because I was self-doubting myself through the first four weeks of school, but I was prepared for the challenge and the knowledge that I was willing to gain throughout the semester. I was passionate, self-motivated, and self- determined! However, I didn’t know anything about being a medical assistant but I’ve learned so much from this academic journey and gained all of my wisdom behind it. I really loved all my courses honestly, even though I haven’t met my directors in person, they were determined to help me by answering all questions that I had for any topic I was studying over. They all were great communicators, very helpful, and inspirational to me. I admit I was shy through the whole program, but I managed to finished with all A’s and two B’s. Directors would assign us to discuss many scenarios and we all would participate in the class group chat to get each other’s feedback whether the answer was right or wrong. That was my favorite part about the program!

Source of Inspiration

I advocate for myself to be my own inspirational source. In my spirit I know that I won’t give up on myself. I’m patient with myself. I show up with grace and positive gratitude. I know I will strive to become the best person I can be in my future.

Advice for Future Graduates

Work hard, be organized & use your resources. Study really, really hard, and keep up with all of the materials they’re going to give you. Keep your goal in mind. Take the initiative to start pursuing your education, stay focused, and make sure you complete your goal.

Plans After Graduation

To find a job that suits my career I know I’d love and be dedicated towards. In the near future, I’m planning on going back to college to get my masters in RN school.

Thank you to…

I would be honored to give my applause to all the Remington college staff for helping me, showing me great leadership, and being amazing role models.