Cleveland, OH

Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

How quickly the teachers and students were on board with this pandemic going on. Switching from in classroom to online.

Source of Inspiration

My kids are my first inspiration. Then to meet someone you never knew and could make you want something better for yourself well known as our teachers at Remington thank you.

Advice for Future Graduates

Keep your head in the books or your computers from day one. This will allow you not to ever slip because there is a lot to learn and a little bit of time.

Plans After Graduation

I plan on becoming the best dialysis technician for the CDC I could ever be.

Thank you to…

Miss Linda for keeping us on track in the classroom and out of the classroom. Miss Boyd for all of the hard work the great work ethic and keeping us on track as well. Miss Stevens for stepping in for the teachers that stepped out on us and also keeping us on track with this pandemic she’s awesome. Miss Sue for staying on my back telling me how much we all could be. Miss Bondy for helping us with the computer problems we all had and there were many. Mr. Freeman for just letting us be us. I miss his secretary for always keeping us in line with all our personal and school situations.