Knoxville, TN (Remington College Online)

Favorite Part of the Educational Experience at Remington College

My favorite part of my educational experience is the flexibility in order to still maintain my daily life while continuing my education with a limited amount of pressure.

Source of Inspiration

My source of inspiration comes from my children Ty, Carlee, and Chloe. It is because of them I aspire to be more than just a mother. I’ve learned that if I put myself first, my child will benefit from my efforts to reach the desires of my own heart.

Advice for Future Graduates

The advice I would like to give to future graduates is, “No matter the circumstances, keep going. You have to keep going.”

Plans After Graduation

I plan to continue my education by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Ethics and Compliance. Obtaining my degrees will allow me to grow in my current career as a Security Analyst.

Thank you to…

I would like to thank my family and friends that continue to encourage me every step of the way in my life’s journey.